Complex Flow Lab

  • Pattern formation in out-of-equilibrium systems
  • Frictional fluid dynamics, gas/liquid/grain interactions
  • Granular materials, granular flow, segregation
  • Multiphase flows, hydrodynamic flow instabilities
  • Flow in porous media, transforming porous media
  • Fracturing of porous materials, fluid-driven fracturing
  • Complex fluids, granular suspensions, foams, gels, pastes


Dr. Bjørnar Sandnes


Assøciate Prøfessor

College of Engineering, Swansea University (staff profile)

Email: b.sandnes[at]

Tel.: +44 1792 602634 

Dr. Miles Morgan

Miles photo1crop

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Granular flow, complex fluids, pattern formation, rheology

 Dr. James M. Campbell


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Joint project with Porelab, University of Oslo

(Prof. Knut Jorgen Maloy, Prof. Eirik Flekkoy)

Flow instabilities, granular materials, erosion-deposition pattern formation

Dawang Zhang

dawang's photo150-190

PhD student (CSC fellowship)

Multiphase flow, granular materials, pattern formation, hydrophobic granular materials

Second supervisor (Swansea): Prof. Chenfeng Li

Peter Angerman

PhD student

Complex flow patterns in shear thickening suspensions. Experiments and SPH simulations.

Co-supervisor: Prof. Marco Ellero, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain

Second supervisor (Swansea): Dr. Dan Curtis

Deren Ozturk

PhD student: Graduated 2020

Thesis: Pattern formation and flow to fracture transitions in granular and shear thickening materials

Second supervisor (Swansea): Dr. Anthony Higgins

Gabriel Pronek

MEng research project. Discontinuous shear thickening fluids.


Past members (postdocs, phds, research interns)

Dr. David James (now postdoc at College of medicine, Swansea University)

Dr. Martin Monloubou (now Assistant Professor at ENSTA Bretagne)

Dr. James Matthew Campbell (now postdoc at University of Oslo)

Dr. Benjy Marks (now Lecturer at School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney)

Rumbidzai Nhunduru (now PhD student at Heriot-Watt University)

Vijesh Karadia

Past Masters project students

Matthew Ashraf (MSc Chemical Engineering), Scott Montgomery (MEng Chemical Engineering), Abodunrin Akinfenwa (MEng Chemical Engineering), Daniel Adam Victor (MSc Chemical Engineering), Salman Ibrahim (MEng Chemical Engineering), Rumbidzai Nhunduru (MSc Chemical Engineering), Michael Banwell-Clode (MEng Chemical Engineering), Khaled Alfangary (MSc Chemical Engineering), Linda Cammue (MSc Chemical Engineering), Emily Sharp (MEng Chemical Engineering), Bishwas Gurung (MSc Chemical Engineering), Ibtisam Al-Abri (MSc Chemical Engineering), Juan Torreblanca (Visiting student)

Past summer project students

Damien Etchecopar, Clovis Sauzaret, Roland Malleville, Ana Clara Gomes, André Machado, Felipe Oliveira Lima, Mariana de Moura, Samanta Bortoni, Clarice de Medeiros, Gabriela Costa, Leonardo Esteves Vaz, Pedro Godinho, Thaís de Sateles, Yuri da Silva, Iuri Michel


The Complex Flow lab is led by Bjornar Sandnes, Associate Professor at College of Engineering, Swansea University. The lab is part of the Impact project housed in the new Engineering North building on the Bay Campus.


We are members of the Centre for Complex Fluids Processing and the Systems and Process Engineering Centre at the College of Engineering, Swansea University.

Bjornar Sandnes is an Associate Member of the new Centre of Excellence “Porelab – Porous Media Laboratory” at NTNU/University of Oslo.


Swansea University Bay Campus


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