Flow and fracturing

Deren has been presenting his work on three-phase flow and fracturing of deformable granular media at both the International Workshop on Jamming and Granular Matter at Queen Mary University, London, and at the Advanced School in Soft Condensed Matter ‘Solutions in the Spring’ at University of Cambridge.

Read Deren’s poster here: Softmatter Poster

Granular plugs

A repeating pattern of granular plugs emerges when a tube filled with water and grains is slowly drained. The moving air-water meniscus bulldozes the grains ahead, and friction eventually causes the grains to jam, forcing the air to penetrate through the accumulated material. Once through to the other side, the air starts to pile up another plug, and the process repeats until the whole tube is clogged full of granular plugs separated by empty gaps.

Dumazer et al., Frictional Fluid Dynamics and Plug Formation in Multiphase Millifluidic Flow. Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 028002 – Published 7 July 2016. Dumazer_PRL028002